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HBO Asia is the Southeast Asian division of HBO. It was originally launched on 1 May 1992 as MovieVision, later rebranded on 1 April 1995 to its current name after being purchased by Home Box Office, Inc. The Singapore-based broadcast network offers channels and services with no advertisements– HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO Hits, Cinemax and Red – as well as HBO Go and HBO on Demand. HBO Asi


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Technician (Former Employee) says

"Working at HBO Latam was so demoralizing and depressing that I began to hate my life and my career choice. It wasn't until I finally left that I realized that I had changed because of this company. Work wasn't fun anymore, I stopped learning new things, I became very irritable. The upper management team treats you like if you were in kinder, they make you do EVERYTHING manually, no automation whatsoever. They micro manage you, they don't trust anyone, and they only care about you if you are from venezuela. They sabotage your performance review, they lie, and HR is in on it too!"

Desktop and Help Desk Support (Former Employee) says

"As a help desk and tech support my job was to install new softwares and do repairs if necessary and also provide employees with new advanced laptops. I strongly believe that my work was not appreciated nor was I properly trained for the position or given enough time to fix an issue especially being that the travel time from client to client was a great distance to where I was stationed. Cons: No appreciation for employees and pay isn't fair by experience."

Producer/Writer (Former Employee) says

"Slowing eroding culture, executives lost in the disrupted industry, rampant fear, scarcity, and divisive competition. Lots of petty high school drama and no growth opportunities."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The hours were long, although the pay was rewarding. I learned many things in the investment arena, but overall, This experience was very negative. Cons: Long hours, No Benefits, On call"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My typical day would be on the computer writing reports and rechecking calculations. While I enjoyed the job, My boss (owner) and myself were great friends prior to this business adventure and I think this perhaps doomed us from the start. I did learn a great deal about high-stress, last business deal closings, how to handle such stress, maintain composure, in order to achieve the best outcome for both parties involved. This experienece was very valuable to me. Cons: Very Long Hours, unreasonable expectations from boss."

MANAGER PROGRAMU (Former Employee) says

"Dobře dostupné z hlediska dopravy. Nedostatečný prostor pro profesní rozvoj."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management in certain departments Cons: Horrible management and hr"

.... (Former Employee) says

"I normally take pride on the places I choose to work for. Unfortunately, this is not the case.. The only good thing I took away from this experience is the "HBO" fake name.. HBO Latin America operates as a independent division from HBO, so don't apply or come here expecting a corporate environment. They are cheap in investing in their resources and technology, they are also cheap in the pay ... Lot of people coming from South America and gaining visas to work in the USA with big titles and minimum understanding on how corporations work in America ... Good place for the unskilled, the only good thing I took out of this place is the warning to never work here again.. Cons: lack of flexibility (constant overtime, few days off, never work from home policy), poor management, poor talent, foreign corporate culture, lots of protocol/bureaucracy and situations that makes no sense.."

Head Crew Trainer (Former Employee) says

"As a first job, this place was great to teach me skills like how to stay on task and work ethic. Yet as time went on, management went downhill and they ended up making people managers after 1 month, just because of the lack of employees. The high turnover rate was not because of the type of job, but because of management. Overall management was not great. I definitely did not feel like I was valued by any of my managers, or the GM. Cons: It's fast food, management"

Creative Services (Former Employee) says

"HBO used to be a great place to work - they took calculated risks, encouraged creativity, and had a streamlined approval process. Now is not the time to work there until they fix their culture. It is toxic to the core, and until they address those issues on a cultural level I can't advise strongly enough not to work there. Incredibly political - which starts at the top. Cons: No room for upward movement, very political, and Time Warner is merging with AT&T which presents an uncertain future."

ex-employe (Former Employee) says

"High expactations, low money, low respect, do everything for yesterday, zero communications, your salary depends who likes you."

Senior Network Engineer/Network Architect (Current Employee) says

"Stressful environment experiencing culture changes. I would not advise anyone to work here under the existing management structure. The executive branch is much more relaxed than the broadcast side."

IT Department (Former Employee) says

"-There is no opportunity for advancement. Cons: everything else"

Technical Post-Production Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"I give technical support to several areas such as post-production, marketing, operation, engineering, quality control, graphics, production areas ( cine Cameras), video transcoding, infrastructure, networking, etc). Also I am in charge of purchasing of the equipment, parts and supplies."

Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"Everyone is out for themselves, specially most in managment. You maybe overloaded with work, while ton other are socializing. Your boss may play favorites big time."

Sale Ambassador (Current Employee) says

"• Perform sales duties and assisting customers, while provide positive experience"

MCO (Current Employee) says

"Management was poor. Some co-workers where treated with favoritism. Learned alot. Job was very stressful. Hardest part was the schedule. Cons: poor management"

Process Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Working on TV always represents a lot of under pressure work, especially when you're working with a whole Continent's viewers, but of course it allows you to learn so many things and they count with amazing people to work with. Cons: Low wages"



afstudeerbegeleider MER/BK (Current Employee) says

"opleiding wordt afgebouwd, dus de situatie is weinig motiverend, werkzaamheden lopen terug (helaas). Cons: nvt"